Saturday, 13 July 2013

Twelfth and Thirteenth

The day begins with watching Glenloughan Flute Band begin their journey to Annalong ... a chance to meet a few friends.
Then on to Narrow Water Castle ... recently undergoing restoration and now it is possible to go up to the second floor.  Even Eliot climbed the fairly steep stairs and posed for photographs!  Coming down was "interesting" ... but he arrived safely at the bottom.

 Carlingford was next on the holiday trek ... a beautiful town, bathed in sunshine, filled with holiday-makers and welcoming to visitors ... well, all but one place was welcoming.  One rather 'posh' establishment didn't serve dessert and coffee outside!  And with Eliot in tow, I wasn't about to be allowed inside.  A rather snooty waiter suggested the ice-cream van!  Huh!  That particular establishment won't be high on my 'must-go-back-to' list!  It was the condescending attitude that irritated ... the "Bridgestone Best in Ireland" award could be challenged!
On the other hand ... lunch in a recently opened Beer Garden was a delight!  Not a blade of grass or a plant to be seen ... but that will change ... just very comfortable chairs and beer barrels ... and a super metal sculpture of a cockerel.
 The staff were a model of helpfulness and Eliot was treated to a water bowl and a great deal of attention.
The warm chicken salad was h-u-g-e and very, very tasty.
So a pleasant afternoon pottering around, taking pictures and generally enjoying Carlingford.

That was the Twelfth!
The Thirteenth, today, has been very different.
An early start was on the cards so that I could be at the Castlewellan Agricultural Show in good time ... being another pleasant summer's day meant that the crowds would gather ... and they did!
The whole experience was fun ... looking at the sheep, watching the hens, examining the goats, enjoying the judging of cattle ... exploring some of the new tastes and produce of the island ... energy gave out long before the entire show was explored!  Another fun day to add to the summer holiday 2013 album!
 Isn't this rare breed amazing!  What a wonderful coat!  God must have had a laugh when this idea came to the divine mind!

 The rape seed oil is fantastic!  I nearly didn't taste it ... now ... I'm the proud owner of FIVE bottles!  One simply called "liquid gold" and the other four in different flavours ... each delicious.

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