Friday, 5 July 2013

A conversation ...

The young neighbour, searching around for another topic of conversation asked, "Do you grow strawberries?"
"No ... but I like them very much," I replied.
"I could plant some for you," he offered.  By now his his slightly older sister came along and she happily joined in, saying,
"My Granny has some".
So we chatted on about this and that while I attempted a bit of grass cutting and some sorting out in the flower beds.
They wandered off and, needing a bit of a sit down, I took up the Mourne Observer and started to catch up on the local news.
Then, in no time at all, they were back!
"We got you a strawberry" they shouted as they peered through the window!
So, perhaps a little grumpily, I trundled back outside to be presented with a beautiful (if not perfectly ripe) strawberry from Granny's garden!
Giving me clear instructions to "run it under the tap before you eat it" they disappeared again, leaving me feeling just a tad guilty for thinking that they were a bit of a nuisance.
It was a very kind gesture and appreciated very much ... I just hope Granny didn't mind ... !

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