Thursday, 4 April 2013

Right ... I'm back!

So, Good Friday ended with the Tenebrae ... the gathering shadows were a stark reminder of the agony that Jesus faced.
Just one candle returned to the table after the thirteen were extinguished ... the white candle was brought back as the soloist sang, "Were you there when God raised him from the dead?"
It wasn't long until Easter ... and the little garden in church was transformed into a glorious riot of colour to celebrate resurrection.
 The cross still stands ... but now in a garden of hope and joy!
 An empty tomb bears witness to the miracle that happened ... and the folded grave clothes are all that remain.
Christ is risen!  The Lord is risen indeed.  Alleluia!
What a triumphant shout as we celebrated the day of resurrection ...first with a "dawn" service, then breakfasting together before the celebration of Holy Communion.  The fact that it was also the weekend of the clocks going forward meant that we might just have been a tad tired by the end of the day!
So, a couple of days of doing very little ... watching goldfish (babysitting them) ... that's restful.
And playing with the dogs ... that's maybe not so restful!
 It appears to be rough ... but they are very gentle with each other.

 Angel doesn't think twice about playing with Eliot's bone.  While he's not too sure about this ... he simply watches until she drops it and then he scampers off to hide it somewhere else!

It's more fun to watch them than to sit gazing at Fionn and mac Cumhaill!  There's only so much that fish will do!
  But they are pretty!
It's a bit like a treasure hunt with Angel here ... I found a turtle down the garden this morning ... the poor thing had been out overnight!
 There's still some frost around!
Angel didn't stay out for long!  Neither did I.  
It was much warmer looking out at the frost from the comfort of the front room.
 That's where I had breakfast (still using up the bacon from the Easter morning breakfast) and it felt a bit like the man on this coaster that I was given ... two dogs in my case, both keeping a close eye on every mouthful ... both hoping fervently that something would drop from the plate!
That's life in the rectory during the week after Easter when I ought to be working on the Parish Magazine and not watching goldfish!

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