Saturday, 2 March 2013

Things to do ...

... so I'm sitting with the blog!  Talk about avoidance!
You should see the carpet at the rectory ... apart from a liberal and generous sprinkling of dog hair there's the stuffing out of a soft toy ... how can so much white fluff fit into such a small space.  There's also a clothes peg ... at least ... it was once a clothes peg ... now it is a mangled heap of something akin to leprechaun matches.  However, I've convinced myself that it is much too late to do anything about it so I'll tackle something else instead!
The dogs have had a ball for the last couple of days.  The weather has been fine and sometimes sunny so there's been a bit of play over at the halls.
 It often looks as if they're "up to something" when you observe them heading off to the bushes or round the back of the hall ...
 However, as soon as they're called they come racing round ... it isn't often there's a picture with Eliot in front.  I'm guessing that Angel gave him a head start!
 After these sessions the dogs can sleep for a long time!
 If they're not running madly all over the place then you'll spot them guarding the gates ... I do sometimes feel sorry for the poor dog-walking soul who dares to appear on "their" side of the road!  Thankfully the gates are strong ... though it is only play that they want ... I'm not sure everyone has the same understanding.
Right ... back to the study and maybe a bit of sorting ... something quiet ... or perhaps just bed!

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ROBERTA said...

E is looking very happy these days. It's good to have someone to play with!