Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Last minute ...

Where has the day gone?
Up early, busy for most of it yet hardly anything to show!  Even the writing that was planned is still just a collection of scribbled notes without beginning or end!
At least the huge "Post-it" pad that I received for Christmas has been useful ... and fun.
"Thought for the Day" is the Radio Ulster two minute reflection ... and there are some to be recorded later this week ... the scripts must be written tomorrow!
Meanwhile I'm enjoying the company of Angel who is on her holidays here for a couple of days ... Eliot is so much more contented when he's got company ... should I get a second dog?
In this early shot you could imagine that he's waiting for her to arrive.
 They are shameless when it comes to begging ... and a few treats will always be the reward!
Eliot knows to keep his eyes on me at all times ... just in case!  Angel is learning, but more easily distracted.
There is, of course, a sermon there ... or a TFTD!

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