Saturday, 5 January 2013

Holidays ... part five.

This must be nearly the end ... five days that seemed to contain so many activities, walk and interesting things to do.  No television and almost no internet.  Getting on-line required a bit of luck and the right time of day ... and staying on-line was virtually impossible for more than a few minutes at a time.  That was no bad thing and meant that I read a lot, the brass was cleaned and Eliot had more exercise than he normally gets.
There's an interesting sculpture in the Lower Square in Kilkeel .... "Narrows Journey".
By day or night it looks good!

Against this year's Christmas lights ... it was magnificent.
Kilkeel had some of the best decorations that I've seen ... the huge tree in the Lower Square was covered with coloured bulbs ... and all the smaller trees sparkled around.  The streets were full of interesting decorations ... well done to those who designed and provided such a festive look.

So ... that's it for holiday memories ... a very refreshing and quiet few days.
Now ... the Feast of the Epiphany comes tomorrow ... decorations will be taken down and stored away ... the Magi will arrive at the stable and in Saint Nicholas' ....
a Kenyan liturgy for Holy Communion in the morning at eleven o'clock while the choir is on tour to Saint Thomas'; then a united service in the evening at 7.00 pm when Saint Thomas' choir joins Saint Nicholas' for an evening of Epiphany praise and celebration.
The Collect:

O God, 
who by the leading of a star 
manifested your only Son to the peoples of the earth: 
Mercifully grant that we, who know you now by faith, 
may at last behold your glory face to face; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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