Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A wonderful evening.

"Renaissance" presented Carols by Candlelight this evening ... what a wonderful evening!  In spite of travel difficulties across Belfast (and beyond) there was a great turn-out of folk to enjoy the beauty of the music and to hear again the Christmas story ... familiar yet with the power to come freshly each season.
  The congregation appreciated the opportunity to join with many of the favourites.

 Getting a good picture of the candles was a challenge ... nearly 500 of them throughout the church ... it shows clearly where are the draughts!  The Holy Table is a prime example of a windy corner.

 It was great to have one of our youngest parishioners with us ... he was as good as gold!
The Nativity Scene received another sheep today ... they now outnumber the people and all the other animals!  Did the shepherds really bring along the entire flock, including the lambs?  
 At the first sign of one of the crackers Eliot heads off to a "safe place" at the top of the stairs!  He's not at all keen on the little bang, even when it is caused by his owner.  Sometimes I peel open the cracker rather than have him anxious!  The turtles on the landing have got into a bit of a mess ... time to rearrange them ... maybe even to relocate them ... together they make a very colourful display.
It was a good day ... a busy day but a good one!  The church looked good, the congregation sang well and the choir, Renaissance, were simply magnificent.

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