Friday, 2 November 2012

What subjects do you photograph?

That's the question I was asked yesterday at lunch ... and the answer is "just about anything"!
The 365Project throws up all sorts of challenges ... the result can be some very peculiar subjects.  November has a "list" ... a new topic for each day: red, shoes, love, sunset/sunrise ... and so on.
Red ... right beside the laptop sits a church hymnal with a bookmarker ...
 That's the first day done!
Today ... shoes.
In a house where I appear simply to leave shoes where they are removed ... the scope is endless.  I liked this pair beside the rocking chair ... and just noticed that they're the same colour!
Of course ... the dog is the usual subject ... and, with a new haircut, I even took a picture or two of myself yesterday!
 He's become accustomed to a camera being thrust into his face ...
 ... and sometimes rewards you with a "cute" look.  Probably an accident!
 Soft lighting and focus ... or clear and sharp?  Either way Gerard (who has moved to Conroy at 166 Lisburn Road) did a good job yesterday!  I wish I could style it for everyday the way he does!
So, what do I photograph?  Whatever happens to be in front of the camera!

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Kelly Moore said...

That's a lovely hairstyle on you, Elizabeth! It is true: even as short as that (I've worn mine even a bit shorter) it's easier than it looks to get that fresh-out-of-the salon look.

Hope all is well with you! K.