Sunday, 11 November 2012

"Tomorrow never comes ..."

... or so 'they' say!
The observant will note that it has been a while since the last posting when I promised to return "tomorrow".  Well, Clergy Conference was all absorbing.  I could use the word "busy" but that's not quite true.
We had three excellent talks from Bishop Paul Butler and a further three superb Bible Readings from Rev Heather Morris ... great teaching from both.  There was time with our own Bishop Alan and some times of worship together including a closing Kenyan Eucharist that I've used in Saint Nicholas'.

In between ... a great deal of beauty, lovely walks, a fitness suite (from which I stayed away!), local beauty spots and food ... glorious food!  Presentation and quality not forgetting the service ... all beyond excellence, if such a score exists!
 Roast beef ....
Apple and blueberry crumble ...

 Woodland walks ...
  Open spaces around the golf course ...
 The Aughrim Wedge Tomb as a site of historical interest ...

A number of great fountains ...

 ... and, on the way home ... a glorious sunset!
 You couldn't have asked for a better few days away.
Then, it was back to checking up on the progress at the Car Park ... a job finished to perfection ... all I need now are a few hundred daffodil bulbs and an army of people to plant them and we'll have a delightful display in the spring!  Maybe some other plants too ... grape hyacinths, snowdrops ... imagination can outstrip the purse!

 Eliot had enjoyed his time in kennels and was happy to sit around on Saturday morning at the Open Church Coffee time ... it is lovely to see how many have found their way into Saint Nicholas' for a break from the busyness of a typical Saturday.

This then is Sunday!
Remembrance Sunday.  This is the day when our Dad's medals come out of the cabinet and are worn with pride on my black scarf.  We had a very moving service this morning in church and the laying of the Parish Wreath beside the memorial to the many, many men who serve and fell in the two world wars and in conflicts past and present.
Eliot had a run this morning and managed to get thoroughly soaked by rolling around in puddles!  Daft dog.

It is always fun to watch him acting the complete clown!

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