Tuesday, 27 November 2012

This and that ...

... and one clever dog!
Well, maybe that the owner's bias ... or perhaps he's really very stupid!  It is dark, there are not lights on in the front room apart from a candle ... and Eliot sneaks up onto the sofa!  Of course, I can't see him!
 All he has to do is to lie very low and still ...
 Sitting up to greet me is a bit of a give-away!
 It is awfully hard to be cross with him ... even though he's really not supposed to be there!
While that's happening I'm also looking at the Christmas decorations and wondering if it is too soon to begin to put up the tree!  Of course it is ... I was just thinking about it ... and looking at the baubles!  Patience is required ... another couple of weeks ... !
 These two pictures are of the same decoration ... one indoors with a bit of playing around with photoshop and the other out in the bright morning light.
Thinking about patience ... there was one very grumpy man behind me this morning ...
Ahead of me ... a learner in an HGV ... and it did look like the first time the driver had been on the road!  Added to that, we were approaching a roundabout which seems to confuse many drivers ... and the poor learner wasn't at all clear about the correct lane to take.
Both the car beside me and I were giving plenty of space for error as the white line had been crossed a couple of times ... but the grumpy man behind me decided to sit on his car horn anyhow!  What difference was one car length going to make to his journey time?  What difference did blowing his horn very loudly make to the way things were happening?
It wasn't rush hour, there wasn't a great deal of traffic ... we did all get through the traffic lights at the first change ... so what was grumpy man's problem?
He wasn't driving an emergency vehicle ... I'm sure all of us would have made way for that ... it was just a pale coloured family car where he was the only occupant, a middle aged, grumpy man!
Perhaps he'd had a row at home and was taking out his mood on other drivers ... maybe he had something against blue cars ... or learner drivers ... or it might simply be that he's a person of very little patience and didn't like to see someone being given the benefit of the doubt ...
Getting all worked up about something that he couldn't do a thing about wasn't going to change anything.  It possibly meant that he ended up with a knot in his stomach and felt angry at the "silly cars" ahead of him or the "stupid learner driver" ... but it didn't make the traffic move any faster at all!  And I'm guessing that he didn't notice that it was a beautiful blue sky with warm sunshine on a chilly morning ... that the birds were singing and that we are all fortunate to be able to drive to where we want to go!
Perhaps it is time to watch the lettuce leaves grow and focus on the small things, the good stuff, and not get irritated by life's little frustrations.
These lettuce leaves come in a growing pack from the local Co-op and provide fresh salad for days on end ... better value than the packets which seem to turn to mush in a very short time.
Time to move the dog and go to bed!
 Good night world!

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