Sunday, 4 November 2012

Okay ...

... trying to return to something more like the original blog design ... some of my readers don't like change!  It seems that quite a number of the 'regulars' have missed the old layout.  I hope this one works ... if not ... please let me know!
Today's pictures are a mixture of flowers from the garden ... even in November there's still a bit of colour and one lone sunflower, sown by the birds, has struggled into some kind of stunted bloom just in time for winter.
 A few rose buds are also showing signs of coming into flower before too many more frosts.  This rose has a particularly beautiful perfume.
 The dog is much the same as usual ... just lying around, watching the door in the hope that someone might just consider it a good idea to go for a walk and he'd like to be ready!
For the collectors among you ... my sister has a good range of very clean silver teaspoons.  All three of us have a similar set ... but I'm guessing that "Middle Sister" has the most sparkling collection!

There must be a name for a collector of spoons ...


ROBERTA said...

i looked it up. Cochlearist is what i found but mostly "spoon collector' AND i like spoonologist.
when my kids were young we collected spoons from all the california missions that we visited...they hung in the dining room for years. my eldest daughter has them now.... Yours are quite lovely!

Anonymous said...

Much better WS

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thanks Roberta and WeeSis!
Will learn that word!