Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Before the packing ...

A minute to sit with a coffee before thinking about what I need to take with me to the Diocesan Clergy Conference ... three days away in uncertain weather ... whatever is to be packed must first see the ironing board!
Eliot has gone off to kennels and very happily headed out for a walk without a backwards glance!  Huh!  It would be worse if he wasn't contented ... but you'd think he'd show some signs of missing me!
Work in the church grounds continues ... all the debris has gone and when I called in this morning the team was busy putting in the kerbstones.
 First thing is to set up the straight line ... nothing left to chance.  It would be very easy to go off without that guide.
 Then the tools.  It's a job that requires the human touch.
 That is, once the heavy stones are offloaded.
 Little piles are dotted along the length of what was once the Youth Centre ... and one by one they're put in position.
It has made things a little easier that the weather has been fine ... if not altogether sunny!
I'm going to miss the laying down of the tarmac ... tomorrow is the beginning of the Conference and I'll not be free to run around with the camera at Saint Nicholas'.  Photographs of the finished work to be shown at a later stage.

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