Monday, 20 August 2012

They've gone!

A noisy (and friendly) bunch.
 Over the weekend there was a great deal of enthusiastic noise from the King's Hall.  Trucks of all shapes and sizes gathered to have a mega party so air horns were exercised, music played late into the night, engines revved and the sound of fun shattered the normal quiet of this part of Belfast.
 Then, just after tea on Sunday they began to leave ... sometimes a long tailback along the Park but, when this old lorry was going, not much else was around!
It reminded me of the first reading book we had in Primary School ....
"The big red lorry went up the hill.  There were pots and pans on the big red lorry."  And so the story unfolded as some pots and pans fell off the lorry and rolled down the hill ... I don't remember much of the remainder of its adventures ... but it certainly began with the lorry making that difficult journey!
Memory plays such interesting tricks ... and a train of thoughts can transport you back to the warm September days of the beginning of the school term.
Most of the vehicles at the show were modern and flashy ... but this one caught my attention.  In Titanic year the cab is a reminder of that great ship.
Eliot was mesmerised by the procession that passed the drive ... he'd have sat looking at them all evening if I'd been prepared to permit it.
There was clearing up to be done ... and the remains of a wonderful cake to be sliced and put in the freezer! WeeSis ... aka Mary ... baked this beauty for a pre-holiday lunch.  It was delicious and looked so good as well!
So ... today should be filled with much running around and last minute busyness ... thankfully Eliot was wide awake at six o'clock so no time will be wasted in sleep!  I'm not sure that I was altogether thrilled to be woken quite so early ... but already laundry is in the machine, dishes are in the dishwasher, the blog is underway and a plan of action is being prepared ... not bad for the first hour!

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Hi Liz, pack plenty of cool clothes. Tuscany is a 'cool' 36 degrees c! MrsMcF