Saturday, 18 August 2012

Playing with fire!

Gold covered paper plates don't burn with any great enthusiasm at first ... those photographs were dumped ... but then ... fire takes hold and the whole thing bursts into flame!  Interesting to watch and it made for a fun picture.
Of course ... while doing that I was ignoring a pile of ironing, some vacuum cleaning, food preparation for tomorrow, dishwasher emptying ... and a dozen and one other things that must be done before Monday evening!  Indeed, the car could do with a quick spruce up so that it is in pristine condition for this afternoon's MOT ... and I just play with fire!
Well, not just fire.
The sun is shining so that means it is a good time to take pictures of the dandelions!
 Then, in another corner of the garden ... a shed that hasn't seen much activity this summer!  Who wants to sit out on deckchairs in the rain?  Who needs a gazebo in the gales?  Everything stays locked away ... even the barbecue has been used only once this year!
However, today (at the moment anyhow) the sun is shining and there's washing on the line!

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