Thursday, 16 August 2012


 A happy dog ... and the vet says that he's a healthy one as well!  Not that licking up syrup from a paper plate is the best diet ... but he was the photographic assistant for the event!
 The 365Project theme this week is "Golden" ... 
 ... so what would be better than Golden Syrup.  Actually, it's a while since I've tasted it and find it a little too sweet now ... it is the oldest British brand with design virtually unchanged since it started.
Once the job is completed Eliot happily lies down for a snooze, keeping guard over the door.
 Though, at six o'clock this morning I wasn't so happy!
He decided that it was time to get up ... forgetting that this is the first day of our summer holiday!
At that stage the day was dull, cold and windy ... since then the sun has come out and things are looking much better!  I was just about to go to the 21 Acre Wood ... when I remembered that the car is away for its annual service ... the local park will have to suffice today!
So ... day has begun, the sun is shining and ... there's a mountain of housework to do!


ROBERTA said...

Glad E had a good report from the vet! All is right with the world!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thanks Roberta! He's off on his holidays this morning ... so no more pictures of the pampered pup for nearly three weeks!