Monday, 11 June 2012


 In the morning the tablecloth was almost dry ... just waiting for me to bring it in and do the ironing!  It's linen (and big) so you've got to judge the moment well or it is a nightmare to press properly.
Then ...
... when I was out ... the rain came on!
It was very, very heavy.  There's been flooding in some of the streets around here and it was bouncing off the ground ... the tablecloth (and all the other bed linen and shirts) ... totally soaked!  Now, they hang limply and sodden in the not-raining evening ... maybe overnight they'll dry a bit ... or perhaps the downpour will return ... who knows ... this is Ireland!

Saint Nicholas' is beautiful, whatever the weather ... today just one visitor who had looked for us on Google!  Very good to meet him.
 It's been a while since so much ironing has been completed here ... this is a pile of linen napkins!  Washing everything seemed to be easier than trying to sort that which didn't really need it from those that certainly did!
Why the enthusiastic burst of energy?
I blame the dog!  He's back to a regular six o'clock wake up call ... grand on a bright sunny morning like today ... but at other times I could see him far enough!
When he's had his run and a drink Eliot settles down for a few more hours to sleep ... usually in "his" chair ... unless he sneaks up onto some other piece of furniture.

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ROBERTA said...

Love the clothespin photo. And of course Eliot. It took me a few seconds to figure out that he was leaning on the chair...