Saturday, 9 June 2012

Back again!

Sometimes the days are busy and the evenings pass too quickly ... so "The Rev and a Dog" simply 'call it a day' and go to bed!  The dog seems to be able to sleep quite a bit of the day as well ... and with the run of wet days he's not really had the inclination to go out very much at all.
 All he seems to want is a little bit of play and then the freedom to sleep!
 However, if he suspects that someone is going to visit ... then his position is right in the middle of the hallway to watch the door.  I don't suppose he understands (any more than his human does) that 'a watched pot never boils'.  That of course, isn't true!  It will boil and it will take the same time to boil whether or not it is kept under observation!
The Jubilee weekend with the extra holiday meant that at long last the Phormium (New Zealand Flax) at my house could be tackled!  This has been a multi-stage task ... a 'triffid' that started life as a cute little bronze pot plant ... which had grown so tall that the flower spike was reaching the upstairs windows ... was taking over the entire back garden!
Weed-killer began the extermination process ... some digging and pulling removed the outer shoots, clipping took off the top ... but more drastic measures were called for!
All I have to do now is work out how to get the roots up!
Since then the days have been too wet to do much outside at all ...
 Not only wet but also windy!  The rainbow windmills do at least give a bit of colour on the dull grey days!
So ... to those who were complaining about lack of blog ... this at least is a small offering today ... Saint Columba's Day.
The Abbey on Iona is a place of great stillness.  Some years ago I found a quotation from Saint Columba that I used in a calligraphy exam.  The piece is now framed and hangs in the breakfast room.
"In the stillness of my heart I can hear his voice.  I am but a servant who is guided by the King ... when I stand alone and listen."  


lesleyc said...

Hasn't Eliot got a great life! Does he just hope for visitors or does he pick up from you that somebody is likely to arrive that day?

That triffid sounds a bit scary!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Ah Lesley .... he picks it up from me ... not sure how!

lesleyc said...

Maybe, like me, you start tidying and bulldozing the dust into a corner when visitors are due!

There is a new and unplanned addition to my family: Marvin, the guinea pig, and I have taken in an about to be homeless house rabbit called Bunny.She's very affectionate, athletic and curious!!!