Sunday, 6 May 2012


How easy it is to remove unwanted features!  No street lamp, no grey box and less empty road!
All it takes is a little patience and a photo editing programme!
The poster on the board is a copy of the flyer that we're going to distribute around the streets.  The writing is too small for the purpose but anyone walking along the footpath could read it ... from a car I suspect all you'd see is a blue blur!
It was a lovely sunny morning here ... Bank Holiday weekend so folk should be happy to see some good weather ... though the forecast for tomorrow gives some rain.
I was in church very early ... but the wardens were there before me!  Baby daughter was very contented just to sit and look around and be guarded by Eliot.
Apart from a good run before the morning service he's not had a lot of entertainment or exercise today ... perhaps I should take him out early tomorrow ... we'll see what time he decides to rise!  It was six o'clock today ... I blame the bright mornings.  It is good to be up and about in the stillness of the dawn so I'm not complaining.

Praise the Lord!  Ye heavens adore him;
praise him, angels in the height;
sun and moon, rejoice before him;
praise him all ye stars and light.