Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday in Holy Week

A little colour to begin a very cold day ... the oil pastels came out for a photograph!  365Project theme this week is "Pastel" ... so ... this was my first thought!
 It's amazing just how many different angles you can find for one box of oil pastels.
 The box was found in a car boot sale a long time ago ... in its first life I'm guessing that the contents were cigarettes ... now ... a precious collection of art materials.  A change of life direction ... never too old to be useful!
 Meanwhile we've left behind the summery days of spring and entered winter!  Strong winds, snow and sleet and a thick mist lay over the city yesterday ... from the roof of the City Hospital Car Park the view was different from the usual clear mountain and sparkling roof tops....
 But at home the contented pup was simply pleased to see me return and he spent a happy while chewing on his plastic bone.
 This useful toy has ends where the indulgent owner can put peanut butter, cream cheese or anything else that he'll spend a while removing.
 The only trouble is ... how to get photographs as he moves it around at great speed ...
 He's a strange dog ... it was left for him when I went off to do some visits ... but he didn't touch it until I returned!
At least that meant I could get a few pictures ... even if none of them shows quite the enthusiasm he displayed!
Now we're already at Wednesday ... tonight we'll be thinking about the one who betrayed Jesus ... the journey to the cross continues ...

Lord God, 
whose blessed Son our Saviour 
gave his back to the smiters, 
and did not hide his face from shame: 
Give us grace to endure the sufferings 
of this present time, 
with sure confidence in the glory that shall be revealed; 
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.

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