Saturday, 10 March 2012

Not so cold today!

The photograph of the open fire from yesterday is a reminder that we're still in winter ... maybe moving towards spring with the flowers ... but the evenings are cold and there's so much rain that the ground is saturated.
A walk this morning in the Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park was delightful ... but the dog came back soaking wet and very, very muddy.  If dogs are happy ... then he was blissfully so ... otherwise he was just tired!
 The trees are very bare at present although the grass has begun to grow again.  No doubt the young leaves will emerge over the next few weeks.
Whatever the weather it is good to spend some time in the open air and notice the small changes in the seasons.  The fact that I too returned home rather muddy and wet is of no real consequence!
Considering the heavens, the work of God's hands, puts other things into perspective.
As that was being written my eye caught the sunset ... a quick trip to the back garden and this is the result!  What magnificent colours for a few minutes before darkness falls.  Very beautiful.

Lord of my heart,
give me vision to inspire me,
that working or resting,
I may always think of you.
Lord of my heart,
give me light to guide me, that,
at home or abroad,
I may always walk in your way.

Celtic Fire
Celtic Daily Prayer


ROBERTA said...

We're still pretty chilly here in the Pacific NW but the crocus and the daffodils are up so perhaps they know something I don't?

As always a photo of E does much to cheer me up....

lesleyc said...

Beautiful shot of the tree against the sky!

And doesn't it feel good to get out in the fresh air and get a bit muddy... Good clean dirt!