Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy dog!

 Happy humans!
Family gathering for some Irish Stew.
Saint Patrick brightened things up today and there was enough sunshine for a bit of fresh air (before the rain came on).  We were, of course, joined by some "traditional" characters!  I thought Leprechauns were small ... not these ones!
 The food was, as you would expect, delicious.  Irish Stew ... what else would you eat on Saint Patrick's Day?
It wasn't hard to persuade any of us to have seconds.
Then a variety of homemade buns - fairy cakes - or - cupcakes!  Call them what you will ... they were very tasty.  Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla ... all the food groups covered!
 It is possible to eat too much ... we all proved that this afternoon.
How could you resist such delights?

 God bless the corners of this house,
and be the lintel blest,
and bless the hearth and bless the board,
and bless each place of rest,
and bless each door that opens wide
to stranger as to kin,
and bless each crystal window pane
that lets the starlight in,
and bless the rooftree overhead
and every sturdy wall.
The peace of man, the peace of God,
the peace of love on all.


lesleyc said...

A lovely blessing!

Eliot looks like a dog on a mission but I'm surprised you didn't give him a wee green streak in his handsome coat just for the day.

The food in your photos always makes me drool over the keyboard...

keneva said...

Happy St Patrick's Day