Thursday, 8 March 2012

Another week gone ...

I'm dog-sitting just now ... so taking the opportunity to look back over the last week (with the help of some pictures) to see where the time has gone.  It's a bit dull and damp to go to Nendrum and Castle Espie today so may just take the dogs to a local park ... or tell them to go and play in the garden.  At the moment all  is quiet as Eliot watches Angel have a chew on his favourite bone ... my guess is that the minute she leaves it he'll be there to add his own teeth marks!
Most days begin with coffee ... strength 6 and without milk or sugar.  It tastes better when served in beautiful china ...
 ... and if the day is dull and wet (like last Saturday) then you need to select the most cheerful of the mugs to bring a little sunshine to the day.
Eliot knows that when I've gone to the study there's little chance of a walk or anything interesting ... so he takes up position on the lower landing and has a snooze.  This means that he's ready for me when I appear!
 Ready to play or go out ... he's an easy going dog and has become quite tolerant of the camera.
Weather in Ireland is changeable ... and Sunday gave some very pleasant bright sunshine.  This glass souvenir caught the light and with the turtle theme ... it had to become the photograph of the day!
 Sleepy head enjoyed a siesta ... and maybe his owner did as well!
 The spring sunshine comes into the house with the tulips!  Even on the dull days they make a magnificent splash of colour.
This mug suggests that the dog likes to "play and dash in the sun"!  Not a bad thing to do ... so, after the last visit to the physiotherapist for an Achilles problem, we did just that. 
 Musgrave Park (adjacent to the hospital) was the ideal place for an early walk under the cherry blossom.  This is such a beautiful time of year and it does your heart good to be out and about.
 We're at the time when the daffodils are getting to their best and yet we've still the tree silhouettes to draw great patterns in the sky.
 There is no doubt that Eliot enjoys this kind of activity best of all.
Even on the grey days RISE stands as a reminder of hope for the future.  I like it when the traffic lights make me stop and, if the camera is handy, there's always a picture or two that can be added to my collection.
 Saint Bartholomew's holds a lunchtime lecture each month and on Tuesday Bishop Alan was the speaker.
 It's a beautiful church and these events gather quite a substantial audience.
 Then in the evening it is good to return home to the dog and be welcomed by him at the door.
Just as we finished the lunchtime service on Wednesday there was a huge rainbow over the Lisburn Road.  In this photograph there's the almost completed Methodist Centre and behind that is Windsor Presbyterian Church spire.  We three churches work closely together and share a number of united services over the year.  Perhaps the rainbow is a reminder that God's work will continue in this part of the city ... 
 New things can emerge.
New things are happening all the time.
A play area for children is being constructed in Musgrave Park ... in the background there's a willow tunnel and wigwams ... then raised flower beds ... off to the left is a sand pit with some very interesting "toys" ... things suitable for children of all abilities ... and then a gathering area with the most wonderful carved seats.
 Each one is made from a section of a tree trunk and the animals, scenes and designs are so inspiring and creative.  I'll go back and take pictures of each of them ... for now the main seat ... maybe for a storyteller ... slightly larger than the others ... has this gorgeous carved rabbit/hare.
Never go out without a camera!  There's something of interest wherever you go.

Merciful Lord, 
Grant your people grace to withstand the temptations 
of the world, the flesh and the devil 
and with pure hearts and minds to follow you, the only God; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Collect of the Third Sunday in Lent - Book of Common Prayer

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