Monday, 6 February 2012

Right ...

... it's an early night then!
Home heating oil should have been delivered on Saturday .... between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm ... or that's what the e-mail said!
It wasn't!
A couple of times I checked the level through the murky gauge ... but couldn't see anything so assumed that the tank was full and I'm not tall enough to look at the very top (and too lazy to get the steps out for a proper check).
However, a chilling of the house this evening made me realize that no delivery had been made ... and we're out of oil!
Ah well ... could be much worse ... just ask my niece!
I have warm clothes, a winter weight duvet and a centrally heated dog.  Comfort food for supper helps too.
Three chips, a small piece of fish and an onion ring kept Eliot busy for all of two minutes!  Just about long enough to take a picture.
And now there's the added pleasure of an early night with the Kindle!  No doubt it will mean an early morning with the dog ... but that's okay too.

Lord Jesus Christ,
Son of the living God,
teach us to walk in your way more trustfully,
to accept your truth more faithfully,
to share your life more lovingly;
so that we may come
by the power of the Holy Spirit
as one family to the kingdom of the Father,
where you live and reign for ever and ever.   Amen. 

The Promise of his Glory


julie moreland said...

i no all aabout oil, and the smell it leaves thru the house, was up at house today,

Craig said...

I am sorry to hear that! It is tough to hear when you get confirmation on a delivery that never shows up. Check out they were able to help me out with my home heating oil and I saved a lot of money (and they deliver on time!)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Ah Craig ... not in the UK!!

Rev Elizabeth said...
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Mozette said...

Brrrr... nothing worse than being cold. But then, you can keep piling on clothes and rugging up. It's when it's very, very hot that you can't do anything but sit in the bathtub with the cool water turning warm around you; now, that's when you know you've got problems (and for most of us Aussies, getting air-conditioners is becoming a way of life).

I hope the oil is delivered soon.

lesleyc said...

Hope you are now both warm and cosy with lots of oil in the tank. My gauge hasn't worked for many years so I judge the level by tapping the side of the tank - not accurate but a useful guide.