Saturday, 21 January 2012

Friday nonsense.

 How much more posing can the poor dog take before he decides to leave home and go live somewhere less stressful?  Yesterday it was one ceramic dog ... only to be joined by a second one for this endurance test!
Perhaps it is a relief to know that there are no more!
 I had fun ... and Eliot might even have had pleasure from this new "game" as well.
 The licking of lips is perhaps a clue as to how I managed to keep him in situ for so long!  Once the treats were gone ... so was Eliot!

God, give us peace;
if you withdraw your love,
there is no peace for us
nor any hope of it.
With you to lead us on
through death or tumult, peace will come.

Church Hymnal number 510 verse 6
Alan Gaunt (b. 1935)

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ROBERTA said...

these are hilarious! love your comment on Eliot considering running away but where else could he live where he would be such the center of attention?

reminds me of the time i spend setting up my wise men:)