Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dog, teddies and the BBC.

Yesterday .... Tuesday ... since I'm adding the text on Wednesday ... even I'm getting confused when the commentary is separated from the uploading of the pictures!
Anyhow ... these were Tuesday's shots ... an early start in the garden for Eliot with the usual sniffing around and fixed staring at the trees.  Doesn't he know by now that the squirrel won't come out to play?
Eliot did a bit of running around and shaking his fur ... for the first time in ages the camera was on "sport" mode so managed to catch the tossing of his head!  I like that.
It wasn't so easy to get the running straight at me picture ... will keep trying.  Sometimes when I read that a friend has taken 500 shots to get just one perfect image I realize that my ten or twenty pictures don't really stand a chance!  I'd not have time to edit through all 500!  The Kenya shots are still waiting for that kind of pruning.
The afternoon was Mothers' Union/Ladies' Guild.  This month we're knitting ...
... this was never my best skill!  At primary school I never mastered the art and week by week I'd take home the mess that I created so that Mother could sort it out.  When it came to knitting socks ... she did the heel, the toe and the top .... and maybe even re-did the straight parts ... and in an entire year only one small blue sock was produced!  I wish I'd kept it as a monument to .... something!
No such problem with the folk yesterday ... they beavered away with the knitting needles ....
... fortified with a good cup of tea and some biscuits.
Now that was an embarrassment.  I thought Eliot had gone very quiet when I was in the office at the photocopier ... it should have made me suspicious ...
When I came across him ... the tray of cake and chocolate biscuits had been eaten!  Enough food for twenty ladies ... all consumed by one dog!  No wonder he became a little hyper in the evening and didn't even look at his normal food.  Apart from that extra burst of energy he seems none the worse for his gluttony!
It gave the company the opportunity to tell other stories of times when their dogs (or cats) had stolen food ... this appears to be a common occurrence!
The pile of little teddies is growing.  These are "Trauma Teddies" and in their bright colours are packed individually for use in ambulances and in emergency rooms.  If a child is admitted to hospital from an accident or in an emergency the staff can give them a teddy as a comfort.  They are popular and there's a need for an endless supply of them.
It is a good way to use up scraps of wool.
So far we have seven of them ready to go ... but won't send them off until next month when there's likely to be another little pile added.
The pattern is on the MU website ... maybe I'll pop it onto the parish website as well.
So ... that was Tuesday ... the day that actually began in the recording studio at the BBC.
The sky wasn't as blue as this picture suggests ... more a light grey ... but when you're on the fifth floor in a soundproof room you're not really aware of what's happening anywhere else.
Thought for the Day on Thursdays in January ... all now recorded and ready to broadcast ... two have gone out already and two more to go.
So ... a busy enough day with other bits and pieces squeezed in as well ... 
Now Wednesday begins ... pictures later!  This is the first day of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. 

God our Father,
it is your purpose
to bring your whole creation
into full unity in Christ.
We commit ourselves to you.
Help us to live for others
even as your love includes all;
to seek out from others
the truth they have grasped;
to trust each other
as fellow workers
in the one community you have given us;
to obey your call
to make visible
the unity of your Church.
Come, Holy Spirit, help us.  Amen. 

From "The Promise of His Glory"

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keneva said...

Love the teddies - and the dog! Missed the BBC - so far!