Thursday, 3 November 2011

Where are the blogs?

Mostly in my head!
There are times when catching up on sleep is the winning option!  Of course ... it may mean moving the dog off the bed first ... Eliot has an idea that the most comfortable places in the house belong to him and sleeping diagonally on the double bed suits him just fine!
His owner, knowing this, insists on using WHITE bedding ... not the best choice when he's been out in the garden ...
... who could resist the appeal in those gorgeous eyes?  And he did move over (with a little persuasion) so that I could have a corner as well.
So ... no blogs recently ...
But there were a couple of parties!
One was for a ninety seven year old ... and great fun.  Stewart had a ball!
 Middle Sister made sure that we all had more than enough to eat of the array of finger food ...
 Niece kept conversations flowing ...
 And Wee Sister had fun organising, inviting, planning and baking ...
 The cake ... with a motor bicycle on it ... was a great success and scrumptious!
 And ... in this group are some of the friends and relatives who gathered to celebrate.  What a party!
At church on the 31st October we also had a party - a MEGA PARTY - with music, games, a magician, a quiz, lots of food and some fireworks!  This was our Youth Worker's baby and provided a fantastic evening of fun and entertainment.
It was fancy dress ... with an emphasis on coming as something entertaining, good, funny ... and trying to avoid too much of the evil side of Hallowe'en.  Everyone from Saint Patrick and Mrs Nicholas (with James Bond) to a Marathon Runner turned up ... and a few other interesting characters as well!

The music was great and both Angel and Eliot attended.  Somehow I managed not to catch Eliot in any of the pictures ...
Traditional bobbing for apples was run as a competition and lots of wet hair and laughter happened.

 And so ... the fireworks ... and home ...
A good night!
Thank you to all who came, organised, helped and made it such a fantastic evening.

For all your saints in glory, for all your saints at rest,
to you, our Lord and Saviour, all praises be addressed;
apostles, martyrs, prophets, who served you in their day,
have left us their example of following your way.

Church Hymnal number 460
based on a hymn from Sarum Hymnal (1868)


lesleyc said...

Eliot has a great life!

It looks like you have been a very busy bunch of sisters - but lots of craic too. No wonder you and Eliot need a bit of kip!Can you not get muddy brown bedclothes so that his footprints blend in?!

keneva said...

Both parties look like a lot of fun! Thanks for a laugh!

Anonymous said...

Missed your blogs but very glad you were busy and enjoying life and your parish, not in bed with the cold. MrsMcF p.s. I suppose you don't realise how long the dog is till you see him all stretched out on your white covers. What a wonderful canvas for him.