Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Such a feast of good things ...

to see, to do, to read, to eat ... and today is already just over the half way mark!  The time is flying past.
Having blue sky around all day was a bonus!
 The "Narnia" lamp post (with its long life bulb) stands slightly crookedly at the entrance to Drumalis.  It is one of those photogenic features that draws you every day ... so with changing light and varied skies it takes on a slightly different aspect every time you record it.
Along the front of the house the curved balustrades looked wonderful with their strong shadows and firm vertical lines.  It is probably true that everything looks a bit better in sunlight!
While wandering around yesterday I came across a couple more plaques in the prayer rooms.  At that stage the light was insufficient to take pictures so up to the attic prayer rooms I went again today ... this first one is a translation of the Latin text quoted by Erasmus that Carl Jung had inscribed on the entrance to his home in Zurich.

  "Vocatus Atque Non Vocatus Deus Aderit"

 The simplicity of the word "beloved" from the Song of Songs is another useful reminder to the one who goes to pray.
 If predictions for a harsh winter need any support then the heavily laden trees are making the same suggestion.  However, this time last year, when I was on retreat in Durham, we were snowbound at the airport for a night ... here this evening it has dropped only to five degrees Celsius so there's not likely to be snow tonight!
 This blog is jumping about from topic to topic ... perhaps it is just random thoughts at the end of a beautiful day.

All over the house there are stunning stained glass panels ... the front porch has two magnificent swans, one on either side of the entrance.
I love the simplicity of these designs and the delicate shades of almost clear glass used to portray the feathers and then the strong blue and green of the waves on which they are sailing so majestically.
This is a place full of detail and quirky fixtures.
Another example is this hand basin in a bedroom.  The original taps still work ... and the water emerges from the cute little lion's head on the side of the bowl.
 What creative genius devised that little novelty?  And what fun to turn on the tap in the morning to fill the sink for washing!
All of the bedrooms have fire places.  Most of them are a marble surround, finely carved and of a great number of interesting designs and types of marble.
In the room that was once the nursery there is a tiny range with delft tiles on the inner surround.  These depict nursery rhymes and fables including "The Hare and the Tortoise".  Those who are acquainted with my collection of the latter will not be surprised to see a close up of that particular tile!

 Finally ... Scottie ... the ever patient dog who follows his mistress around and waits for her outside the dining room.  He's always willing to be patted by others and trotted over to me this evening so that I could do my duty!  Such a lovely dog!
So, what's today's thought?

Bidden, or not bidden, God is present.

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