Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Doing the double .... again!

Tuesday and Wednesday ... where do the days go?  Especially when there appears to be little to write about at the end of it!  Maybe this is where I need a favourite fountain pen and some purple ink in order to get the thoughts flowing?  There's something about "proper ink" that brings along with it the inspiration and creativity that you need ... or that's what I think works for me!
The pens will come with me on Retreat ... so who knows what gems will flow from the gold plated nibs .... !!
It is fun to play with close up shots and looking at things from a slightly different perspective ... this perfectly ordinary (almost) bottle of ink appears rather different when you're tight up to it.  The picture works for this week's 365Project where the theme is liquid!
If it were rain then there'd be no problem finding illustrations!
Having said that, the morning sky today was beautiful as the sun rose over Lisburn.
Earlier, when I was driving, there was a wonderful orange glow in the sky but stopping on the motorway is frowned upon.  Indeed, I'm not quite sure what would happen if you decided to take a picture ... being parked because you've a flat tyre is one thing ... but taking photographs doesn't quite fit the category of emergency stopping!
 Yesterday's grey sky wasn't exactly a cheerful start to the day although the decorations in the hotel foyer certainly helped to brighten things up.  The only trouble is ... this is still the middle of November ... quite a long way from Christmas!
 However, I suppose hotels need to be early to catch the passing trade that may drop in just once over the couple of months in the lead up to Christmas?
 For me .. it felt just a tad early even if it did make me smile at the beauty of it.  This tree is packed so full of decorations that there's hardly a bare branch or needle anywhere!
 What id people think as I got up close and personal with the lights and baubles?!!
 The whole entrance came "alive" as evening drew in and the candles were lit.  The living flames enhanced the twinkling of the fairy lights.


keneva said...

Great pictures and thoughtful comments as ever! Thank you

Mozette said...

here in Australia, they begin putting up the decorations in shopping centres and around they city in September... well before Guy Fawks Day or Halloween. I find it very takky and horrible.