Saturday, 5 November 2011

Autumn morning.

Saturday ... things to do ... places to go ... housework to be done ...
... and here I am, taking a coffee break and wishing that the sun would shine!
It was too cold to stay long in the garden.  Eliot didn't appear to notice as he watched the tree just waiting for the squirrel to make an appearance.
 He has a wonderful ability to stay focussed on one point for a long time ... maybe there's a sermon in that!
From a human viewpoint the tree is a beauty ... not that the gardener would agree.  There are the beech nuts, the leaves and the sticky flowers in the spring that all descend to cover the grass ... but the autumn colour is great when the sun shines and the spring growth will come fresh and bright.  The seasons each have something of beauty and even the fallen leaves make an attractive pattern on the still very green grass!
 It is the edge of this tree that appears in my daily sky picture ... almost every day for the past few months (since late July) I've taken a morning photograph of the Belfast sky.  These are on a 365 album ...
Meanwhile, Eliot 'the gorgeous' makes himself comfortable ... this is a forbidden place where he took refuge late last night until I noticed ... then he wandered off to a perfectly comfortable and well padded dog basket!  Do dogs have the same problem that humans face ... "doing those things that we ought not to do ... "?
So ... the coffee is finished ... and the next thing awaits ...

Come, make your needs, your burdens known:
he will present them at the throne;
and angel hosts are waiting there
his messages of love to bear.

Church Hymnal number 8 verse 5
Josiah Condor (1789-1855)


keneva said...

Lovely day a bit further south and Eliot is as handsome as ever - thank you for the thought for the day

Rev Elizabeth said...

Hi Eva ... good to see you here.

keneva said...

I visit every day!