Sunday, 23 October 2011


Another night when it is too late to blog ... too late to think clearly ... to late to do anything except head off for bed!
It has been the weekend of the turtle ...  yesterday the cute keyring from Germany, today the softest imaginable cushion from England ... both special gifts ... the collection grows apace!
 I think that these are called "Pillow Pets" ... and Eliot may look all he likes but it is certainly not for him.  The soft toy he was given in the summer has to be mended before it is returned to him ... he doesn't mean to tear holes in them ... but his teeth are sharp!
Anyhow ... Pillow Pet has joined the ranks of the Rectory Turtles ... though this one may end up in the car as a little luxury if I have to wait around in car parks ... it would be very comfortable to have him on whom to rest my head!
Today was Bible Sunday and we had some wonderful hymns ... "Tell me the old, old story ..." being among my favourites.  The harmonies in all of the pieces were wonderful and in particular in the hymn for tonight's blog ...

All created things, bless the Lord;
all you heavens, bless the Lord;
all you angels, bless the Lord;
sing to God and praise his name. 

Church Hymnal number 682
Edward F Darling (b. 1933) based on Benedicite.

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lesleyc said...

Maybe Eliot thinks turtles are invading HIS home, at your invitation! He looks a bit worried to me...