Friday, 21 October 2011

Hope ...

... maybe that's the current theme!  It came to mind again in this recent picture of the Spire of Hope at Saint Anne's Cathedral.
I do like the huge cross on the north side of the building ...

The begonias continue to provide a very colourful display in the raised beds although the day itself is very grey and dull.  But ... it wasn't raining ... and that has to be a bonus!

The buoys are examples of pre 1970s navigational aids from local waters ... I'm sorry that there's a bit of graffiti on them.  It was tempting to use photoshop to remove it ... but ... life is too short to mess with that kind of thing just here.  Maybe if it were for some promotional poster then that would be a different matter.
 They make a dramatic and interesting feature in the centre of this square.
Now, for the fan club ... Eliot has begun to recognise that there will be at least one photograph taken every day and may even have decided to co-operate!  Certainly this morning he didn't run away or always turn away his head ... the is progress.

Jesus, Saviour of the world,
come to us in mercy.
Hear us, as we pray to you,
help and heal us, Jesus.

Church Hymnal number 698
Edward F Darling (b 1933) based on "Jesus, Saviour of the World".

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