Saturday, 1 October 2011

Harvest Thanksgiving 2011

 Saint Nicholas' is looking good for Harvest Thanksgiving services tomorrow.  10.15 am is Holy Communion and 7.00 pm a service of readings and harvest praise.
 The moment you go in to the church the fresh smells of fruit and flowers are all around.  Reminders, with the visual displays, of all God's goodness.  We live in a land of great plenty ... of far too much ... a land where there is waste and carelessness ... a land where little thought is given to the God who provides or the natins where there is insufficient. 
 These gifts will be distributed around the parish in the first few days of next week.  
 This decorative little gourd looks so pretty ... but I'm guessing is inedible?  I've spotted a few of them around.
 Everywhere you look in the building there are plants and arrangements of flowers.  I love the colours here. 
 Even on a very wet afternoon the building here is light and airy.  It is an easy place in which to worship.
 It would take a long time to show all the pictures that were taken this afternoon ... some more are on the Parish Website in the photographs section.
 The sunflowers are so striking ... whatever the weather ... indeed, whatever your mood, these exuberant heads have the power to make you smile!  Such extravagant beauty in those big yellow heads ... for sheer dramatic appeal they top my list of flowers I'd most like to have in the garden.  Sweet pea and roses are top for smell, cornflower for colour and then sunflowers for drama!  
 The flower arrangers have found a wonderful variety of blooms to make the building attractive.
 All of the windowsills have arrangements of fruit, plants and leaves which gather the whole display in a united presentation.  It's like a ring of harvest around the holy place.
While I was in Saint Nicholas' I lit the candle and remembered many who have asked for prayer ... some for themselves, others for their friends and neighbours and more who don't even need to ask, as their concerns are on our hearts already.

Forgive our careless use
of water, ore and soil - 
the plenty we abuse
supplied by others' toil;
save us from making self our creed,
turn us towards our neighbour's need.

Church Hymnal 49 verse 2
Ian M Fraser (born 1917)

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