Tuesday, 25 October 2011

From the car park roof ...

... you have a good view over Belfast!
 All was misty and wet when I arrived at the hospital ... low cloud hung lazily over the hills and the damp dwellings seemed to huddle together for warmth.  In days gone by there would have been smoke curling up from each of the houses ... now ... even some of the chimneys have gone and the gap covered with slates.  How times have changed.
RISE can be spotted from all over the city ... and here it dominates the landscape ... its huge size seen in the juxtaposition with the surrounding buildings.
There is always plenty of parking space in this new multi-storey and my car was the solitary one on the top level.  Why, of course, would anyone choose to go there in the rain when there were spaces on lower levels?  To take photographs!  Why not?
 What a gloomy sky as I left to go and do some visiting.
Then, an hour or so later, and everything has changed!
Strong shadows now lie beside each chimney in the terraced housing ... and ...
 ... the hill has shaken off its mist and is back in focus ....
 ... and the hospital chimney towers up into a less grey sky ... indeed ... there's quite a percentage of blue in it!
 It is amazing just how quickly the weather changes here ...
Meanwhile the dog continues to be his usual adorable self!  At least, I think so ... and I know his fan club agree!

O Christ, who art the Light and Day,
thou drivest darksome night away!
We know thee as the Light of light,
illuminating mortal sight.

All-holy Lord, we pray to thee,
keep us tonight from danger free;
grant us, dear Lord, in thee to rest,
so be our sleep in quiet blessed.

Church Hymnal number 69
6th Century Latin


lesleyc said...

That looks like a dog who's taking to posing and knows he has lots of fans!

The Belfast Hills make such a lovely backdrop to those photos of the rooftops - and good to see the Big Ball from another viewpoint...

keneva said...

Great photos to illustrate the changes in the weather - and Eliot is always a favourite!

Kelly said...

Great view of RISE! And you are right, of course, about Eliot.

ROBERTA said...

love the rooftops and the chimneys...and by now E must think he is actually famous:) what with all the camera flashes!