Wednesday, 19 October 2011


There are three sisters: Big (B), Middle (M) and Wee (W) ... sometimes known as BS, MS and WS!  We're nothing if not original in our family!  Of course we have proper names as well ... rather nice names I happen to think but there may be a bias there.
Anyhow ... WS, MS and BS went to "Made in Belfast" tonight with assorted others ... including our Australian cousin Judith who is in the city for two nights.
This is a restaurant to which I've never been (how did that happen?) and one to which I would most certainly return.  The milk bottle chandelier is just one of the attractive and unusual features that you see in this very busy place.
Light levels are low so most of the photographs are a little on the dark and grainy side ... but who cares when the food was good and the staff very pleasant.
 WS and Arnie ... he's the magician who gets my car fixed ... and it is now running quietly ... what a dream!
 The menu has some interesting items ... I had the fish ... niece the chicken ... MS and WS both had the burger ....
 And these "The Relatives" .... Niece, WS, MS, Australian cousin and BS (me!).
Of course, the photograph of the day was none of these ... it had been taken early in the morning ... after the incredibly early dog walk.  We were wandering around, me in a HiVis jacket, at six o'clock!
I love the way he takes the lead in his mouth ... this is the boundary marker not far from our road.
Even that isn't the photograph for 365Project ... that one is of a bracelet that my niece gave me on Sunday.
I shall wear this often ...
It was fun to play around with the various editing programmes on it as well ... this one was taken of it lying on the laptop beside the turtle sticker - what else!

So now ... tired after a long, long day ... and ready for bed!

All my hope on God is founded;
he doth still my trust renew.
Me through change and chance he guideth,
only good and only true.
God unknown,
he alone
calls my heart to be his own. 

Church Hymnal number 10
Robert Bridges (1844-1930)

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