Monday, 19 September 2011

Right ...

... got to check in here before bedtime!  It's quiet in the house tonight ... Eliot is on holiday and his toys lie untouched in the rectory.  I miss him ... was odd to return to the house today after a long time at meetings and there was no welcoming wag or presentation of a favourite toy!  Maybe I'm going soft ... I'd not want folk to get that impression!
Here am I wondering about Eliot while he's tucked up warm and comfortable with his favourite kennel owners ... well ... maybe they don't actually sleep in the pen with him ... but they do make sure that he's well cared for and will return to me smelling sweetly and carefully groomed.  He'll have had more attention in the last day than he had in the previous week with me!
It was another "thin" day for pictures today ... the usual grey sky and then heavy rain this evening.  Neither of them being the most photogenic subjects!
I did manage to get a shot of RISE again yesterday and, now that the work is completed, I think that it is looking great.  One of these days I'll have to walk around it and try to get one or two pictures that don't rely on me being stopped at a red light.  The absence of traffic is the Sunday morning effect and, even though it was well after nine thirty, the roads were practically deserted.
 The free standing white "rods" are in place to represent the reeds of the bog meadows above which the sun is rising.
Yesterday had other moments of beauty as well ... it was a rare privilege to be able to worship in Bangor Abbey and after most folk had gone I stayed for a wee while in the silence just enjoying the familiar surroundings.  The Kenneth Webb mural on the east wall continues to inspire me ... there's always something fresh to spot in the painting.
We're creatures of habit I suppose.  I always gravitate to the same spot in the building ... the seat I'd gone to on my first searching visit before the ordinands had formal interviews with prospective rectors!
Meanwhile, the gravitational pull of the bedroom is getting strong now ... there are still "things to do" but it is too late, my mind is not clear ... so ... with memories of yesterday and nothing much to report from today ... I'll close down and hope to be inspired to write at greater length another time!
A few lines from the end of another of Brennan Manning's meditations in "Souvenirs of Solitude".

Father, thank you
for the love
that made the rainbow just for me.

And, Father, make me like
your rainbow.
Let me
the spectrum
of your love. 

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