Thursday, 1 September 2011

Eliot's role.

This is "catch up" number two.
Both Tuesday and Wednesday were very busy days ... and I was also tired!  So, no blogs!  Okay?!!
When you return from holiday, however brief, there's always a pile of things to be done and if you add a Car Boot Sale in as well ... maybe it isn't exactly a surprise that blogging goes way way down the list of "things I must do today"!!
Oh, and today is my day off, so I'm trying not to tear around like a headless chicken.  Mind you, I've just returned from Asda where they had some very tasty roast chickens and I can smell my tea/dinner/supper just waiting for me.  I'll try not to make the same mistake as yesterday when I had dinner so early that I was hungry again well before bedtime.
However, back to the dog!
On Tuesday ...
... he had a bit of space simply to sit and think!  I did get the impression that the beech tree was being watched very carefully lest the squirrel should happen to land in the garden!  He is always watchful and the slightest movement or noise will bring him to his feet.
Sometimes he can appear to be sound asleep but if I move, even very quietly, he's at my side to see what's happening!  I do love his attentiveness ... and no doubt there's a sermon in there!
Sadly he's lost interest in spiders and bluebottles ... once he was a valiant protector ... now ... I have to do my own dirty work!
The spell of dry (although dull) weather continued so a bit of washing was pegged out and Eliot sat guarding it ... maybe he knows that the magpies and pigeons are around ... and maybe he just happened to fancy sitting in that particular spot!  The grass is green, very green, and growing fast.  The gardener put some "stuff" on it ... he said it would "green it up" ... he didn't say that it would also grow twice as quickly.  It's amazing what a bit of fertilizer will do ... there's probably a sermon there too!
Then today Eliot met a new challenge.
Can he did a hundred holes in which I'll plant the bulbs ... or will I dig the holes, plant the bulbs and then have him investigate them one by one?
Although today was dry and sometimes sunny I really didn't feel like doing this particular job ... hopefully the mood will come upon me before they begin to sprout in the bag!
Eliot had a good sniff ... probably helped by the fact that I had hidden a few tasty treats in the corners in the almost forlorn hope that there might be one or two "cute" shots.
 I know you didn't need to see all of those pictures ... or indeed ANY of them!  Maybe B&Q will view them and hire Eliot as the new face of gardening ... though I'm not holding my breath on that one.
That's you up to date now with the dog ... and the turtles!
Life at the rectory is never dull although the weather has been frequently the grey sky variety.
Today was different (for a while) and we had a cloudless blue to begin the morning ... we're back to the dull one now in case there was a temptation to get out from storage some summer clothes.  At least the seasonal laundry bill should be small ... we've not really needed lighter wear!
This was at nine o'clock this morning!  Beautiful ... pity it didn't last!


lesleyc said...

Your blog was sorely missed and TWO days is a long time - I appreciate that you and Eliot(!) have busy lives and know your blogs will be worth the wait.

There'll be some cracker photos when all those bulbs are in bloom...

Rev Elizabeth said...

Sorry about that! There must be a cure for blog-reading addiction!