Thursday, 22 September 2011

Eliot's place.

He lets me live here ... in spaces that he has carefully designated as human-appropriate.
I may cook - just as long as he can sample everything.
I am allowed to walk in the garden - remembering to play with him, of course.
There's a corner of the sofa that may (or may not) be made available should I wish to relax.
Watching television is permitted and I may even do that alone ... unless it is play time, food time or just "I'm just a bit lonely" time!
The computer is mine ... and that is rarely disturbed - unless I happen to be eating at the same time - or, as is just now the case, Eliot decides that he wants to go out!  And all he wanted was a drink of water ... doesn't he like the two bowls that are indoors for his convenience?  Funny dog!
But ... I'm not complaining.
When it is cold he's a great warm fur ball ... when I need company he's usually quite happy to be given attention ... and ... he's the best early warning system you could imagine if someone is going to approach the house.  Dear help the stranger who ventures around the back!  Even the birds and squirrels are learning that the garden belongs to Eliot and you'd be well advised to stay well away.  When the gardener comes I have to ensure that the dog is kept towards the front of the house ... you'd think he was trying to repel an invading army!
So, happily dozing away in his armchair I know he has an ear to the keyboard and, as soon as the evening meal preparation begins, he'll be at my heels - and under my feet!
This, for me, has been a very pleasant day off ... though Eliot might have other ideas.  He's not had a good walk and, as evening draws in, I think that perhaps he's not going to get one at all today.  I think he can cope!
 A few treats hidden under his toy made for a photo opportunity ... and he had a grand time nudging the "fish" off the table.
Once he'd worked out that the treats didn't follow the yellow plastic he had one last sniff around the table ... just in case ... as if by some kind of doggie magic ... more of the tasty morsels might have appeared!  They hadn't!
So, content to leave the toy on the ground Eliot went off to chase his tail.
What an interesting and totally pointless exercise that is!
Incidentally ... the garden hasn't suddenly subsided into some subterranean hole ... the camera was being held incorrectly in my haste to get the picture!
How easy it is to run around in circles ... sometimes in mental circles ... thinking of all the things that might have been different, the variety of stuff that should have been done, the endless list of "must do yesterday" things .... 
Such mental tail chasing does no good at all ... not one little bit!
If anything it simply means that the things that might have been done are absorbed into the great "wish it were different" or, perhaps worse still, "wish I were different"!
A sensible plan for the day with realistic targets would make more sense than worry about all the things that I wish I could do!  I'm guessing that "there's a sermon in that"!
 It is good too that there are times to "stand and stare"!  Time to reflect ... to be with friends ... to explore ideas ... to pray ... to be quiet and listen ... and to dream dreams!  Real dreams ... those that just might blossom into ideas .... Without the stillness at the centre ... it isn't going to happen!
Not only is he all the things that I've already mentioned ... Eliot is a constant source of inspiration!  What a heavy burden on this faithful companion!
Today has been very pleasant ... everything from the "Dainty Little Cupcakes" that served well with morning coffee to spiritual conversation and prayer followed by a hair cut and now an evening with the Kindle lies ahead (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)!

(If you live in or around the Belfast area - Dainty Little Cupcakes are the perfect "wee bun" to serve to guests ... look them up on

Relaxing, stimulating, refreshing .... what more should the "Sabbath Rest" be?

That's what today was for me.

Those who must work on Sunday need to find another day for rest ... otherwise we will "dry up", "burn out" or "wither away" ... and none of that sounds too appealing!!

So today I was given a lovely Book of Graces that was compiled by Dorothy M Stewart .... here are a few ... some perhaps a little tongue in cheek!

When turkey's on the table laid,
and good things I may scan,
I'm thankful that I wasn't made
a vegetarian!   Edgar A Guest (1881-1959)

Heavenly Father, bless us
and keep us all alive.
There's ten of us to dinner
and not enough for five.    Hodge's grace.

Dear Lord,
I am a little late,
but do please bless the food I ate.   Anonymous.

And finally, from the Ethiopian Orthodox tradition:

You have created all creatures with your word.
You carry them all without being weary,
and feed them all without ceasing.
You think of them all without forgetting any.
You watch over all without sleeping.
You hear us all without neglecting any.
Praise be to you.

I forgot to add that Eliot is expert at begging ... and my friend was watched until, at the end, she gave him a piece of a Dainty Little Cupcake!  He decided to have the paper as well!
I enjoyed being at the railway station in sufficient time to watch the train approach.  If you run the next few pictures together quickly enough you'll have something like one of those old fashioned picture books where you flick the pages to get movement!  It takes very little to amuse me!!!!!!

Sorry about that!  Couldn't resist it!


ROBERTA said...

What an encouraging and enlightening post on the joy of living with a dog! Thank you! Also, you posted another pic of E chasing his tail about a month ago. I've been searching for it and can't find it. Can you email it to me? I want to use it (with your permission) to post with a quote.....

lesleyc said...

Eliot knows how to make a piece of bun go his way!

Brill shot of him side-on too.

The shorter days are making themselves felt I think...