Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wear and tear ...

 Rachel, a friend (whom I've never met) has a sister whose name I don't know (and whom I've certainly never met) who wondered if the coated knives keep their coating during use!
You may wonder why she asked me?
Sixteen months ago I posted a picture on the 365Project of this knife when it was brand new.
So, at seven thirty this morning, I did a photo-shoot!
I suppose if you're going to use the knife then you expect it bear the marks of service.  If it were still pristine then you'd have to conclude that it was preserved in cotton wool and wasn't doing what it was designed for!
Eliot took a complete disinterest in what was going on.  He did manage one short sniff ...
... and decided that dill was not on his menu today!
When it comes to photographs and my dog ... you have to work quickly!
Meanwhile ... the day has long since started and looks a bit like the fuzzy picture here ... some things are in focus ... but most of the rest is a blur ... out of which chaos I hope to emerge later ...
The smell of dill is on my hands, the damp of the rain sodden grass still clings to my feet ... but ... there's hope that the day will brighten up!
The bewildered pup is now fast asleep again, curled up in his chair, but no doubt listening to every click of the keys and aware of my every move!
It's time to go ... no car today ... still in for service and new brake pipes ... I opted not to replace the wishbone and brushes!!!  If I had any idea what I was talking about then maybe I'd feel quite clever ... as it is ... the only wishbones I know are in fowl ... and the only brushes are those that don't get used frequently enough on my kitchen floor!
Thursday's prayer from the Book of Common Prayer:

Help us to share in Christ's ministry 
of love and service to one another; 
through the same Jesus Christ our Lord, 
who in the unity of the Holy Spirit 
is one with you for ever. Amen.


Loey said...

Lovely fresh photos Elizabeth.
he light is so bright in your photos.
The knife looks like it has been used for many jobs.
Eliot like a good sniff :)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Early morning light is good for pictures here.