Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Waiting ...

As it happens, I'm waiting for my evening meal to be delivered!  I couldn't think of what to cook ... and then couldn't find the energy to cook what I couldn't imagine ... so ... a pizza it is tonight!  A midweek treat, perhaps?
While the delivery wends its way to the rectory I can put a few random thoughts on the blog.
Eliot again takes centre stage.  He has a curious habit of holding one toy while playing with another ... it looks most odd!
 Got to go .... emergency call out.


ROBERTA said...

I too like to have my favorite things gathered around me:)

Rev Elizabeth said...

But, Roberta, you're human! I didn't know that dogs did it too!

Loey said...

A dog's life!
Eliot is just being a dog. Enjoying two at a time :)
Hope all went well on your call out .