Thursday, 11 August 2011

Testing times.

The annual MOT check is upon me ... work has been done to the car ... and today ... the TEST!
 Getting there in good time I queued up at lane 5 as instructed.  The car ahead must have been even earlier for his test because he got bumped to the end of the line and I was taken ten minutes before schedule!
The poor car was put through all its paces ... flash the lights, sound the horn and then submit to all kinds of shaking, prodding and observation.
All that I could do was sit behind the protective yellow iron barrier and watch until, after what seemed a very long time, the mechanic waved me forward to hand over the new MOT disc for the next year!  Hurray!  All was clearly in order ... thank you Thomas at Creightons!
A little retail therapy followed in a Magnificent and Special store where the cashier was both efficient and amusing!  Such Marvellous Service!  Manners and Smiles .... makes all the difference to a Mega Shop .... though I suppose mine was just a Mini Shop today!
The afternoon passed in the land of nod ... what a waste of the first day of my holidays!  I had already taken the turtle of the day and Eliot's daily portrait as well as the weather picture ... so all was in hand for the blog .... I guess they'd best be added now too!
The dense, dark clouds have hung around all day ... never quite properly raining ... never quite dry either.
Eliot takes a keen interest in next door's garden and spends a while gazing through the hedge!  Nothing much happens there at seven o'clock in the morning ... but that doesn't stop him from being exceedingly nosey!
The 365Project at present (for me) is a series on turtles ... if I do one a day then it will be a very, very long set of pictures .... I think I'll do around thirty and then stop!  This glass one has had some comments about being able to see his last meal ... The feel of blown glass with the smooth surface is very pleasing.
Meanwhile ... the late afternoon ended up being a photoshoot ... not me ... my sister!  She was having pictures done for a national paper and my Belfast house and garden is a convenient location for make up artist, photographer and sister!  Eliot of course simply added some colour to the group.
 It was fun to watch the photographer at work ... most of the time I just stayed in another room ... though I couldn't resist a few shots!
 It will be interesting to see which of the pictures the paper ends up publishing.  He must have taken hundreds!
 Eliot won't feature in the finished product ... though I think he'd have made a good subject.


lesleyc said...

Eliot may be thinking that if he lived in that garden he wouldn't have anybody sneaking up on him with a camera...

Have you ventured down his tunnel in the undergrowth yet?

ROBERTA said...

That last frame should have the caption, "What do you mean I'm not going to be in the shot? Do they have something against dogs?"

Glad your car won "approval" to continue in its vocation of taking you to your parishioners and the occasional retail therapy:)