Monday, 11 July 2011

Eleventh night.

This is the eleventh night.  Only in Northern Ireland would you not need to mention the name of the month!
Bonfires are lit ... Lundy seems to be forgotten in favour of more contemporary symbols ...
Most of the big fires aren't lit until 10.30 pm or later so a tour of the sites didn't show anything except for a fairly big "small" one in Bangor.
 There was loud music from two gigantic speakers and an awful lot of carrier bags with cans and bottles ... we didn't stay around too long.
Before that we'd looked at the giant bonfire in Newtownards ... a hundred foot high they say ... I've no way to verify that!
Anyhow, it is huge but was going to mean a very long wait in the cold evening air ... we decided that maybe we didn't need to see it actually lit!
 I'd imagine it will be on the news later tonight or tomorrow.  Barriers are in place to stop folk from getting too close.  The heat from it will be fierce.
Earlier in the day Paul had another go at busking ... but there were very few people around the city, car parks were only half full and a significant number of shops were closed for the holidays.
 The sweet juicy grapes were today's 365Project addition.  Very nice indeed.

May we delight in your purpose 
and work to bring all things to their true end; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Monday prayers. 

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