Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Okay ....

... if the ground would open up right now ... that would be fine!
That's rather how I felt after today's little awkward moment.
The new routine when I open the morning mail is to tear up the envelope and add it to the junk mail heap before even looking at the contents ...  I'll not be doing that again!
The letter in my hand wasn't for me ... a lady of a similar surname in the next street should have been the recipient.  So, I bagged the bits of the envelope, added the quite important forms, and toddled around to make an abject apology!
A gentleman answered the door, so, with a quick glance to check the name, I asked if 'so-and-so' lived here?
There was a slight pause before he replied, "well, she died last week".
It turned out that he is her son and in the middle of house clearing.  Oh dear.  Not a thing I could have done about it ... but you do feel an awful eejit.  We had a short conversation in which I must have apologized three or four times, offered my condolences, then left a card so he'd know who to blame, and beat a fairly quick retreat!
No, of course I couldn't have known the circumstances but still ... you do wish the ground would open up at times like that.  I may just check the address label on post for the next while!
As for the remainder of the day ... committee work, visit, grocery delivery, Bible Study and FOOD.
No blog these days is complete without a picture of some delicious concoction.  Tonight is no exception.   Mashed potato (with chives and thyme), mushy peas with onion in chilli oil, spinach, sweet pepper and tomato salad, and some leftover twice fried beans in hot salsa.  And, while we eat, the craic is good ... or as it could be phrased .... the craic was mighty!
Meanwhile 365Project trundles along.  This week's theme is "sport" so the two new indoor footballs gave me a splash of colour at the end of a very grey and damp day.
Thinking of those recently ordained and others about to be ordained tomorrow ...

Almighty God, the giver of all good gifts,
by your Holy Spirit you have appointed
various orders of ministry in the Church:
Look with mercy on your servants now called to be priests;
maintain them in truth and renew them in holiness,
that by word and good example they may faithfully serve you
to the glory of your name
and the benefit of your Church;
through the merits of our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Ember Days.



lesleyc said...

Not quite in the same league, but a friend stayed with me for some months while she was buying/sorting out her much larger, posher house. Her rates bill still arrives here (after 20 years of giving them the correct details)- I don't remember to check addresses and every year my heart drops like a stone and bankruptcy stares me in the face - THEN I remember to look at the address...

Mozette said...

I have PO Box and even then we get the wrong address sometimes. I've gotten a few bills for thing I've never had ... like an American Express Platinum Card that was overdue! When I looked at the number of the box, it was the next box along! I took it inside the post office and explained the little stuff up; thankful I wasn't the one with that particular problem. :)

Anita said...

What a gifted cook you have. That veggie meal looks delectable