Friday, 20 May 2011

Well now ...

... the past few days have been a little more than usually busy and tonight still has a bit of work attached to it ... so, a quick posting with some photographs of the Yellow Iris from the rectory garden.  In between the showers the sun was shining brightly and made these flowers sparkle.
 These spread so easily that they can cause complete havoc if they escape into the wild.  They're strong plants, one site calls them bullies, and so can take over from the natural vegetation and upset completely the eco-system along the banks of a river. 
In my back garden they're simply producing a very large clump of interesting leaves that have these gorgeous flowers for a very short time.  
 The sunlight on them today was just wonderful (between heavy showers) and it made it easy to catch a few photographs.  The first one here was put on the 365Project site.  This week's theme is fruit ... but so far I've managed only the banana and the strawberries.  They were particularly tasty!
Yesterday's pictures of the Balls was interesting to see ... not the best pictures but we're now beginning to get some idea of the scale of this installation!  I will make a point of taking pictures every few days as it grows to the full height.  What an imagination the artist must have to be able to conceive such a feature and then work out how to construct it!  The support structures are almost art in their own right when you look at the yellow framework that is holding up the segment of the outer ball.
For this shot I assumed the position of a worm ... and yes ... I did get a bit wet kneeling in the long grass!
Talking about long grass.  With being so busy over a couple of days I never did get out into the garden and suddenly the potatoes are MASSIVE!  Two days ago there was hardly anything and now they're well up ... so I added a bit more compost to the bags.  Now, I don't think I'll be eating anything in the next week or two ... but the tops look very healthy!
Also, the grass seed has sprouted four inch long shoots and the whole back garden is looking green ... and ready for a cut!  The question is ... will I see the "gardener" again?  And the second question is ... do I want to?  This is the gardener who thought the lovely rounded rhododendron bush in the front was "hedge" and flattened it to blend in with the privet!  Of course, the almost ready to bloom flowers bit the dust!
The dog's on holiday at the moment ... I've a CMSIreland AGM in Dublin tomorrow so it would be too long to leave Eliot alone in the house ... missing his company tonight!  And, of course, there are no pictures for his fan club!  Next week we'll do a photo shoot!  He'll come back from kennels looking all spruced up ... so before he gets messy I'll take a picture or two.
Coffee is my next move ... or bed!  Can't stop yawning ...

Blessèd are you, Sovereign God,   
Shepherd of your pilgrim people:
their pillar of cloud by day, their pillar of fire by night.
Stir up in us the fire of your love
which shone forth from your Son enthroned on the cross,
that we may be cleansed of all our sins
and be made ready to come into your presence,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit:
Blessèd be God for ever!

Celebrating Common Prayer
Friday evening.


ROBERTA said...

What a glorious shade of yellow! And to think you suffered wet knees for the sake of capturing these perfect shots!

I hope Elliot is being pampered while away - As I sit at my computer the late afternoon breeze is carrying the scent of the lilacs through my sliding glass door...Heaven!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Yes, Eliot is pampered and will return smelling wonderful! He will have many walks and lots of play. The kennels are expensive but very good.
The lilac here is now over and we're in the beginning of the roses season ... everything is bursting with life now and the combination of rain and a little more warmth (11 degrees celsius) is working very well.

Anonymous said...

Let us know how the spuds go? Nice idea for a talk methinks. Loads n loads of leaf on the surface, but underneath only 'marleys'. MrsMcF