Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The pup!

Perhaps a bit old to be called a "pup" even if he still behaves like one.  I guess we're all as old as we're able ... so ... chronological age isn't the only measure!  It isn't even an accurate one.
Just before the outing this evening I took Eliot on a long walk ... both of us returned fairly tired.  Indeed he was so exhausted that I couldn't interest him in a game of "tug" or persuade him to catch the tennis balls.  My aim was to leave him so tired that he'd sleep for the whole time he was alone.  Hopefully it worked!
 This park is near us ... but not as large as the 21 Acre Wood.  Eliot doesn't seem to mind and there are clearly enough smells to keep him running around.  Pity he came home smelling of fox!
 I love being among the trees and this afternoon's sunlight was beautiful as it filtered through the fresh and rain washed leaves.
 We could have stayed a lot longer except I was due to be on the Ladies Guild outing.  That was fun ... garden centre and then a fabulous meal at a nearby church.   I'll keep those pictures for the parish web site and the next edition of The Messenger.
 We're at the height of the buttercup season and a huge patch of them caught the sunlight.
 Meanwhile the pup managed to find a large muddy puddle.  And I mean muddy.  Deep, dark, sticky mud!  He was in his element!
 Perhaps it felt rather cooling after all the running around ... the only good thing was that he didn't actually sit in it!  Then I'd really have been in trouble.
We did a lot of walking in long, clean grass after this to dry him off and to remove the worst of it.  But I love him anyway.  It really doesn't matter and the Dyson will sort out the inevitable dust and dirt that he'll bring home.
I'm not so keen on the smell of fox ... but that will fade!
It was a fun hour and, since the park was deserted, it might be a good time to take him there on other occasions.  The car is parked at the church tonight so he's going to have a nice walk first thing in the morning ... just hope it isn't raining or blowing a gale!

The other blog today was for the 365Project.  The vintage theme reminded me of the top hat in its original box ... and since you put up only one picture on 365 I needed to add the others so that folk could see inside the box as well as the interesting exterior.

O God, by whose command
the order of time runs its course:
forgive our restlessness,
perfect our faith
and, while we await the fulfilment of your promise,
grant us to have a good hope
through the Word made flesh,
even Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Celebrating Common Prayer
Tuesday evening. 


ROBERTA said...

Whomever came up with the saying "it's a dog's life" had not met Eliot who has the best dog's life EVER - yesterday with the fire engines and today with the mud hole in the woods!!!! He really should worship the ground you walk on!!!!!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Ah Roberta ... he expects me to worship the ground he walks on! And he's had a good half hour walk this morning already.