Saturday, 28 May 2011

A hundred pictures on a rainy day!

No, you're not going to see them all ... nor even half of them!
Two events provided photographic opportunities ... the Spring Continental Market in Belfast for the Bank Holiday (wet) weekend and a choir from California in Saint Anne's Cathedral.
In spite of the rain there was a reasonably good crowd wandering around with kangaroo burgers, spit roasted hog, hot coffee and ice creams.  Yes, ice creams!
This vintage van did a steady trade to rain soaked and umbrella carrying passers by.
It was tempting ... but at the time I had a nice warm coffee from Jimmy Bean's ... and that was a more comforting thing on such a cold and blustery morning.
The flags on all the stalls were blowing horizontally today and lighter items on the stalls had to be firmly held down or they'd have been swirling around the City Hall in no time!
Nobody seemed to mind.  There was the usual good humour and stallholders helping to create an atmosphere of fun and celebration.  Not easy when your fingers are turning blue with the cold and the rain is soaking the goods on display!
The circle of porta-loos behind Queen Victoria amused me ... an essential part of the event ... but looking a bit less than festive in the grey light.
 The thrones behind the Queen ...
 Food from many different countries is on sale ... I didn't try this one as had just eaten one of my favourite French dishes.  Not sure if there'll be an opportunity to return to sample anything else.  There's not much available for vegetarians (or vegans) as nearly everything is meat based and often full of cream, cheese or eggs.  There's a gap in the market there if anyone is available to rise to the challenge.
 The south American knit wear corners are by far the brightest and you could almost feel the warmth of the sun streaming out from the colourful good ...
 I could go on and on ... illustrating the various food stands with pictures ... Poland, Greece, China, Germany .... but "enough is enough"!
Behind it all is the cheerful music of the carousel ... a gentle fairground sound with memories of the horses with their shiny backs and holding on to the pole in case you slipped off the great height.  They don't look so big now ...
I'd gone to the market on my way to the cathedral where an American choir was to give a concert.  That was fantastic .... and they're in Armagh tomorrow if you're in the area.  The Magnificat was a new setting and utterly stunning.  A solo voice from the sanctuary and then the choir were stationed in twos around the remainder of the building so it was truly "surround sound"!  Seldom have I heard or experienced anything like it.
 The advertising for the concert was abysmal.  So attendance was embarrassingly low ... I mean ... really embarrassing!  There were FIVE in the audience ... two from Saint Nicholas', two travelling with the choir and one other person!  Eventually another five or six tourists happened to come in and they stayed for a while.  I felt very bad for the choir but they enjoyed singing in the space. 
 The tall guy in the centre back of this picture is Paul Burkle who will be doing a month at Saint Nicholas' as an intern.  We're looking forward to getting to know him and to hearing him play and sing.
Already two nursing home concerts have been arranged ... a bit surprised that the others haven't got back to me but maybe that will happen early next week.
And now ... for a couple more shots...
This bit of creative advertising in the grime on a wall amused me!
 And, the 365Project theme is "vintage" so I couldn't pass by without taking this snap.  Not the best photograph I've ever taken but it fitted the title too well to miss it.
Finally ... what about the dog?  Well ... he's much the same as usual ... contented to lie about when he must and more than willing to explore the local park.  Always when I come in (or indeed when any visitor arrives) he finds a toy and looks for a moment of play!  A small price to pay for such a loyal companion.
Thinking of folk who are bereaved just now ... two within the parish ... others within my friendship circle ... maybe others who read this.  Praying that each will know the comfort of the Holy Spirit at this sad time.

Give faith and comfort, O Lord,
to all who are bereaved.
Strengthen them to meet the days to come
with steadfastness and patience,
not sorrowing as those without home,
but in thankful remembrance of your mercy in the past,
and waiting for a joyful reunion in heaven
in Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Funeral Service. 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story and pictures! What a fun day for everyone!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thank you Carla. Yes, a good day ... but it is so cold and wet at the moment! Have decided to grow webbed feet!

Anonymous said...

I could just hear Queen Victoria saying 'We are not amused' at all those loos!!! lol Glad, despite the weather, you had such a good day. Judyx