Monday, 16 May 2011

The first rose of 2011

 And a few more stamps as well!  
I couldn't find a yellow rose stamp ... incidentely the very fragrant yellow rose is Arthur Bell ... so it is placed here beside a couple of South African roses ... can't remember the names just now and too late to go back to the albums with the magnifying glass.
 The UK 1976 "Elizabeth of Glamis" is more easily read ... but next to it is one of the many gaps in my British collection.  The pages come printed with a black and white image of each issue so all you have to do is try to find the corresponding stamps!  I don't like buying them so rather depend on what arrives in the mail or given to me by friends.  It is remarkable just how many you do gather up over the months.
Now I'm looking forward to a few days in August when I can spread them out and see just what I have and what is to be sought.  Considering there's a big philatelic fair at Saint Nicholas' twice a year, and stamps available every first Saturday of the month, there is little excuse for keeping some of the empty pages!
 Playing around with backgrounds for the rose I couldn't decide which background I liked best ... maybe there should be a vote on it?  All day the perfume has filled the breakfast room and even when you come into the hallway there's a hint of it.  One little flower can have so much influence ... the aroma carries a long way!  There's a sermon illustration there - I can feel it!
 Good news (for me anyhow) is that the Swaziland stamps turned up in the stock book ... clearly I'd intended to reorder them completely but simply never got around to doing the job ... they are as attractive as I'd remembered and I suspect you'll see one or two more in the days to come.  It would be possible to fill an entire year (or more) with selections of the huge variety there is in the albums!  I'll not do that to you.
 Finally, it has been a long day (and quite a busy one).  Eliot decided that five o'clock would be a grand time for a wander around the garden ... even using the flash mode it was hard enough to get a decent picture of him!
 I wasn't as keen as he to feel the chill morning air and experience the breeze that was whipping around the garden ... it certainly took the sleep from my eyes!  
Gradually as dawn broke the colour began to return and the iris bed has started to show the yellow tips of the first blooms.  This is a wonderful time of year ... every day there is something new in flower, or little seeds sprouting ... the potatoes have begun to put on some growth and sweet pea shoots are reaching up towards the canes ... sadly the dandelions and buttercups are thriving as well - though they are pretty!  Why don't I object to the daisies?  There's certainly work to be done but it will have to wait for a few more days.
... and so to bed!

 O God of all gods, 
grant us your light this night, 
your grace as we sleep, 
your joy in the morning 
and let us be made pure in the well of your health. 
Lift from us any anguish, 
take from us empty pride, 
and lighten our souls with the light of your love. 

Jesus Christ, Son of Mary, 
Holy Spirit, Light of Life, 
shield and sustain us and all our dear ones, 
this night and every night. 

Iona night prayer


ROBERTA said...

The first phot shows the rose off to its 2nd place I'd vote for the light blue background:)

Mozette said...

I'm a bit of a stamp collector... have been since I was young. However, I buy the first day stamps now and store them in my Australia Post Stamp Book.