Friday, 22 April 2011

Not a care in the world!

 It's good to take time to roll on the grass!  And more especially when the days are full!
I'm not sure what the human equivalent of this is ... but Eliot certainly had fun on his walk this morning.
 You can, of course, expect to pick up a bit of moss in your hair if grass rolling is your "thing"!
 Soon he was up and away to check out the boundary .... and I followed with the camera ... in the sunshine the lilac is spectacular.  And the perfume from it is beautiful.
 In March I took a picture of the little buds on this berberis ...
You can see the forsythia in the background.  Well, that has now gone and the berberis is in full glory! What a difference four weeks make!
Just look at the amount of blossom there is on it now.
No longer are you looking at little red buds ... they've all burst out into spring glory.
 You could take hundreds of pictures at the moment.  Different shades of lilac bushes squeeze in beside clematis and other shrubs.
 This clematis is climbing high into the tall trees as it reaches for the sunshine.
 Different varieties of cherry blossom adds another splash of colour to the spring palette.  Mind you, I've just been down my own garden to see the devastation wrought by the gardener!  I think he's maybe "self taught" and doesn't always recognise what is meant to be there and what isn't!  The arching branches of the japonica look a little truncated ... and the buddleia has vanished altogether!!!  I think that the next time he comes I may need to try to be on site to give a little more direction!  However, some of the heavy work is done and if the weather is fine I'll have a day or two next week when I can deal with the finer points!  He's hard enough to pin down so I don't want to lose him just yet ... even if he does grass and hedges he'll be a help (I think)!
 Well, I could sit here all day looking at pictures and enjoying the beauty and variety of spring ... but time marches on!
 There's a time to roll on the grass ... and a time to give up rolling on the grass!

by shedding his blood for us,
your Son, Jesus Christ,
established the paschal mystery.
In your goodness, make us holy
and watch over us always.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.  Amen. 

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ROBERTA said...

I don't know what's making me happier - Eliot rolling in the grass or the exquisiteness (is that a word?) of the spring flowers! We too have had a fabulous day weather wise. It always amazes me how closely our weather patterns correlate.