Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Early to bed ...

... early to rise!
(.... makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise .... )
Not so sure about the ending ... but certainly the beginning is true.  Poor Eliot was fast asleep when I decided that it was time to get up.  He just went off to find an arm chair where he could finish off his night's sleep.
Meanwhile ... the 365Project theme of "eggs" inspired me to take down the Polish egg timer.  First, it had to be washed and then the photo-shoot could begin.  Enjoy.
 In the first picture here I was looking for something "arty" and processed ....
It appears that the quotation, "Early to bed ... " is attributed to Benjamin Franklin!

And there's not much you can say about the rest of the pictures ... just a lot of eggs, an egg timer and finally, a turtle!
Aristotle said, "It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom."
Maybe that's where Benjamin Franklin found his inspiration?  Anyhow ... having been up early today's blog is done and I'm ready for the first of the home communions of the day.

Gracious and Holy Father,
Please give me:
intellect to understand you,
reason to discern you,
diligence to seek you,
wisdom to find you,
a spirit to know you,
a heart to meditate upon you,
ears to hear you,
eyes to to see you,
a tongue to proclaim you,
a way of life pleasing to you,
patience to wait for you
and perseverance to look for you.
Grant me a perfect end,
your holy presence,
a blessed resurrection
and life everlasting. 

Saint Benedict of Nursia.

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