Sunday, 24 April 2011


 What a wonderful Easter Day!  A great "Dawn" service with forty people attending!  I couldn't believe it as more and more folk came round the corner of the building to join us in resurrection celebration.
There was a nip in the air even at that hour, but the sun shone brightly and the grounds are full of spring colour.  It was a lovely time together as we remembered baptismal vows and reflected on the resurrection.  "He is going before you into Galilee ... "  Whatever lies ahead, our Lord goes before us - right into our homes, families and work places.
 Eliot was there too!  Now, that's not because he's a particularly religious kind of dog ... more because the neighbours say that he barks when I'm out ... and 6.30 am would not have been a good time to have him causing a disturbance.  He was fine and my niece took charge of him.  He is a bit of a feature around the place anyhow so it's not that unusual to see his furry face.  However, over breakfast, he was "banished" to the car!
 While we were worshipping my nephew and his wife prepared the most sumptuous breakfast for us.  What order and discipline in the kitchen!  Everything regimented and calm with food cooked to perfection.  It was so good to see everyone enjoying themselves and chatting away to each other.  Even thinking about it now makes me quite emotional!  This is church!  Worshipping, helping, enjoying fellowship ...
 An Easter Egg hunt had been organised for the children and they scampered all over the place looking for the hidden treasures!  It was such fun to see them enjoying a very simple pleasure - all credit to that goes to the Youth Worker who planned and executed the whole thing.  I was delighted to see so many children coming along to share the fun.
Of course there's a lot of work in getting things sorted for this kind of morning ... not to mention the service that followed.  But it is worth all the effort - and team effort!
 This charming Easter Bunny was knitted by one of the Methodist congregation ... she had lots of them to give to folk and I'll treasure him ... although the egg on which he sat is long since gone!
A hollow egg was the illustration I used in the sermon ... actually ... I only dealt with the first paragraph of the sermon!  We had so many young people in church that I didn't want to bore the socks off them on such a joyous day ... so basically I abandoned the entire script and just chatted with them about the empty tomb and Jesus being alive!  That's what today's celebration is all about ... the theology and long discourse can wait for another time!
Waiting for me in the vestry was this hollow egg ... though it wouldn't have worked for the visual as it was filled with all sorts of lovely things .... most of them have been eaten as well!  Is it any wonder that I'm only just beginning to think of having my dinner.  It will, of course, be the "traditional" Easter Day portion of sweet and sour chicken with fried rice!  All the way through what seemed to be a very long Lent that meal (and all other fast food) has been off the menu.  So I'm looking forward to tonight's delight.
 My sister's ability to find Marmite related products knows no limit!  I've had a sample of this cheese before and so am looking forward to opening the packet and enjoying it again!  I'll have to use my Marmite mug and egg cup in that meal!
 And so ... it has been a great day!  This Easter was so filled with joy and the united service of Holy Communion such a delight ... well over a hundred people filling the pews and all of one heart and mind.  After the service there was so much conversation that I don't think folk noticed the time passing.  And the choir ... wow!  Two superb anthems!  I was so moved by these pieces.  What a lot of hard work has gone into the preparation ... but what a joy on the ears.  This is where I wish we recorded the services.  I'd love to hear those pieces again and again.
Meanwhile the mutt slept all afternoon ... so did I!
He'd had a lot of running around this morning and was ready for a good rest.  I guess we'd have slept on and on if the little boy from next door hadn't wanted to come into the garden to retrieve a football.  It was awfully nice of him to ring the bell ... but I was in such a sound sleep that it took a few minutes to register what the sound was!  He knows that I don't mind him coming in ... but he always asks very politely.  We had to do that too as children so I appreciate the discipline that he's been taught ... even if today I'd rather he'd just gone and got the ball without asking!
 Finally, and I could ramble on and on, just a flower head from a beautiful plant that I was given yesterday.  I find this such an attractive colour and am enjoying it very much on the breakfast windowsill.  The flowers close a little as evening draws in but are fully open in the sunshine.
O God, 
who for our redemption didst give thine only-begotten Son 
to the death of the cross, 
and by his glorious resurrection 
hast delivered us from the power of our enemy; 
Grant us so to die daily from sin, 
that we may evermore live with him in the joy of his resurrection; 
through the same Christ our Lord.   Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Collect of Easter Day


ROBERTA said...

What a glorious Easter celebration you had! My 10 month old grandson Fredrick was baptized last night at our Easter Vigil service. Can't tell you how absolutely glorious it was! My feet are still not touching the ground this morning:)

And that's a beautiful flower and a very handsome portrait of the pup:)

Hugs to you both,

Rev Elizabeth said...

Wow .... what a wonderful event for your family. God bless Fredrick. You'll not forget that vigil!
Thanks for you comments ... I enjoy reading them.
Pup is, as ever, handsome and camera shy!

Freda said...

Thank you for sharing your Easter Day. It sounds wonderful and specially blessed.

keneva said...

I've "stolen" two more great photos of my friend Eliot - you really caught him this time! A wonderful Easter - glad it was so good!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thank you all for your comments ... I love returning to blogs to find that they've been read! And I don't mind in the least if folk want to "steal" photographs ... especially if they're of Eliot!