Thursday, 10 March 2011

Two pictures!

Thursday is my Day Off ... well ... usually it is!  Today there was a fair bit of office work to do first, then a hair cut (much needed) and thankfully a couple of hours to read before getting ready for Select Vestry meeting.  So I'll probably take a couple of hours off tomorrow after the school assembly and hospital visits ... I hope!  Some days ... or weeks ... are particularly busy.  I guess with Lent upon us, and the extra meetings that brings, there aren't going to be too many free minutes until after Easter. 
The book I found interesting and am impatient to read the final few chapters.  It's Karen Armstrong's account of her journey into a Religious Order as a teenager ... and ... the events that led to her leaving.  "Through the Narrow Gate: A Nun's Story" is the title.  (First published in 1981) Karen writes in an interesting style and with honesty.  We are able to follow her struggles and laugh at the humour with her as she tries to adjust to life in a pre-Vatican II convent. 

Eliot didn't get much of a walk today ... the reason is fairly obvious from this shot of the dining room window.  In the enlarged picture you can see the little upsidedown reflections of the trees and the King's Hall ... but it was far too showery to take my new hair cut out.  He had a couple of wee walks in between the rain and seems happy enough.  
The cheese picture was taken specifically for the 365Project.  I'd found this unusual variety of mature Cheddar in the Co-op and thought it would make for a fun photograph ... it is rather good cheese as I also discovered.  The deciding factor in the purchase was two for the price of one!!!  How can you resist that?
... and so to bed!

Lord God,
you alone are skilled to know the cure
for every sickness and every soul.
If by our lives your grace may be known
then in us, through us, 
and if need be, despite us,
let your kingdom come.

John Bell

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